Aircraft and Engines are very high valued Asset. The market value of these high valued Asset is completely dependent on the physical condition, Maintenance performed and proper records of continuing maintenance. Omniscient Aviators offers bouquet of services to manage your asset to maintain the Asset value and marketability. We constantly monitor your asset by conducting regular physical inspections and documentations Audits. We liaise on your behalf with Airlines for smooth redeliveries of your asset at EOL.

Lease Management

  1. Annual/ Mid Term Lease Management
  2. Aircraft Transitions
  3. Aircraft Delivery / Redelivery
  4. Aircraft Record Management

Technical / Physical Inspections

  1. Aircraft Delivery
  2. Aircraft Redelivery / Returns
  3. Aircraft Maintenance Audit

Aircraft Delivery/Pre purchase inspections

  1. Comprehensive records review & physical inspection to ensure compliance with delivery conditions
  2. Reporting & resolving Noncompliance issues in timely manner
  3. Coordination for Aircraft delivery to lessees / operators

Aircraft Redelivery

  1. In-depth records review alongwith thorough physical inspection to confirm compliance with redelivery conditions
  2. Liaise with Technical Management Team
  3. Reporting & resolving non-compliance issues
  4. Coordinate inspection for next operator/lessor

Aircraft Records Digitization

  1. Aircraft Records digitization & Indexing
  2. Records life cycle management
  3. Records Inventory listing
  4. Records Audit

Aviation Asset Management

  1. Transition Management
  2. Technical Management
  3. Aircraft Redelivery
  4. MR monitoring

Engine Management Services


  1. Engine Physical Inspections
  2. LLP Back to Birth Traceability
  3. SB/AD Evaluation
  4. Borescope Inspections
  5. Borescope report Evaluation

Assorted Aviation services


  1. Cabin Interiors Modification Program
  2. Aviation Training and consultancy
  3. EOL Aircraft Tear Down support
  4. Components support

Our Speciality

Aviation Rotables & Spare Parts

We offers an extensive inventory of aircraft parts, rotable components with thousands of FAA-approved line items. For your convenience, we can also offer exchanges, we offer parts from OEM’s or repair your part. We offer 24/7 service for drop shipping & AOG. Also our Team will keep you updated every moment for your AOG requirements against your purchase order.

Aircraft Delivery and Re Delivery

We provide support for assessment of Aircraft records and Documentation of clients aircraft. We have specialization in providing technical aviation services and aircraft redelivery management for commercial and private aircraft ensuring that the conditions for returning the aircraft are in accordance with the purchase / sale / lease and navigability agreement.

Cabin & Interiors Modification Program

We provide solutions for Cabin Modification program for supplying seats and cabin interior parts for all aircraft types. We are an approved aircraft interior refurbishment and modification company providing a wide range of services to globally. Allow us to turn your needs and wants into reality, from carpet replacement all the way to a complete custom interior refurbishment.